Qing Court Version of Up the River During Qing-ming silicone placemat
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"Qing Court Version of ‘Up the River During Qing-ming," is a magnificent masterpiece of genre painting, retaining the Northern Song and Qing-ming years of Bian River style and features; the rich picture of the plot also adds to other unique cultural features of the Ming and Qing Dynasty. SiPALS, the brand of Chinese cultural and creation, uses environmental friendly silicone ink and three-dimensional printing technology to present this spectacle overwhelmingly with vivid details on to the eco friendly silicone book cover ; allows you to take a closer look of the prosperous years during Northern Song, Ming and Qing Dynasty, and its peaceful scenes of life by the Bian River.

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China,Hong Kong
7cm X 4.5cm X 31cm
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20 / 80sets
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